Dr. Rajitha Udawalpola

Senior Lecturer

Contact info

+ 94 718 578608
Room 1102


Dr. Rajitha Udawalpola is a Senior Lecturer attached to the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering. He joined the deparment in 2003. He graduated from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka in 2002. He won the Professor Jayasekara award for best undergraduate project in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He completed PhD studies at Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University,Sweden in 2010

In 2017 he worked as a visitng researcher in Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan. He served as the head of the department from 2019 February to 2020 March.

Research Areas

  • Optimisation: apply optimization algorithms and parallel algorithms to solve problems in engineering
  • Smart systems: software development for smart applications ( Internet of things, Machine learning, Wireless ad hoc networks
  • Teaching and Learning in higher education: Curricular development, Assessment and Evaluation, Outcomes based education.


  • EE2201 Object Oriented Programming
  • EE4303 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • EE4106 Software Engineering Principles
  • EE5207Internet Technologies (TE)
  • EE7204 Scientific Computing (TE)
  • EE8203 High Performance Computing (TE)


Journal Publications

  • K.R.C. Wijesinghe, M.R. Udawalpola and S.R.H. Hoole . Towards Object Oriented Finite Element Pre-processors Exploiting Modern Computer Technology, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (Elsevier) Volume 161, Issues 1-2, April 2005,Pages 247-252.


Other Contributions

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