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The Engineering Education Centre of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna arranged Development Program and Industrial Training for engineering undergraduates. The Development Program is arranged for undergraduates just before the first year engineering course work begins. The Industrial Training placements are placed for second year and third year engineering undergraduates. The Engineering Education Centre is located at the first floor in the Administration Building. This Centre is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training forms a compulsory element of the undergraduate curriculum at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna. The Engineering Education Centre (EEC) is responsible for arranging the Industrial training in liaison with the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). Placements in the participating industries are arranged for undergraduates during their end of fourth semester and sixth semester of studies so that a minimum of six months of training in Industry is achieved. Undergraduates are expected to acquire hands on experience not only of the engineering aspects of the work, but also of related matters such as administration, accounting, management, safety etc. Students have to maintain the daily diary during training and submit a comprehensive report covering each period. The coordinator / EEC and panel of senior academics are carried out filed inspection during their training period. The assessment is done at a presentation and viva conducted by a panel consisting of a practicing engineer from the industry, an officer from NAITA, and two senior lecturers from the relevant department. Every undergraduate has to successfully complete the Industrial Training Programme as a requirement to qualify for the B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) degree.

Development Program

The Development Program consisting of courses in English, Computer Applications and Social Awareness is provided as a foundation program and all student shall follow this program. The Development Program of ten weeks duration is provided just before the first year engineering course work begins, so that the students could get used to the University style of education, while bringing them up to a minimum required standard on English and Computer usage. During concurrent Social Awareness activity, students are trained to apply both English and Computer knowledge in a non-technical setting while providing them with basic information on how to get the most of their University experiences.


Mr. Samansiri De Silva

Coordinator / Engineering Education Centre

Dr. B.H.T. Madunoraj

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Keerthi Gunawickrama

Department of Electrical and Information Engineering

Dr. H.C. Ambawatte

Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

Mrs. N. G. De Silva

Data Entry Operator

The library plays an important role in supporting self-learning at the University. It is the main source of information for finding out things and all students must make a habit of using the library regularly. The Faculty of Engineering library meets the basic needs of students and the academic staff, and contains text books, CDs, geographical maps, standards, and periodicals in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Marine Engineering and also Interdisciplinary subjects such as Mathematics, Management, Communication, Literature and Natural Sciences. All students are required to get themselves registered at the library to make use of its borrowing facilities.

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Career Guidance services are available for students throughout their stay in the Faculty of Engineering. The services are beneficial for improving soft skills of the students and keep them at an advantageous position in the job market as well as their day to day life. There will be a series of seminars, workshops and a job fairs held for this purpose in connection with the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Ruhuna. Career guidance services also includes a Certificate Course in Soft Skills Development (CCSSD) offered at the beginning of the first semester and is an optional course that students can follow.

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Faculty Coordinator

Dr. N. W. Prins

Faculty Coordinator


Career Counselor

Ms. Vindya Welihena

Career Counselor

Department Representatives

Dr. Samanthi Seneviratne

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ms. Umesha Sandarenu

Department of Electrical and Information Engineering

Mr. Madhuka Priyashan

Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Iresha Udayanganie

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

“Conducts activities to promote and nurture staff development at the Faculty.”

Staff Development Centre/UoR


To become the Centre of competency in developing the human resources of the university


To create an environment in which every employee has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in & contribution to uplift the institutional standards.

Overview of Faculty Quality Assurance Cell

The Faculty of Engineering Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the University of Ruhuna is committed to ensuring and enhancing the quality of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the Faculty of Engineering. Currently, the Faculty of Engineering conducts five undergraduate degree programs. All undergraduate degree programs are accredited by IESL (Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka) in accordance with the Washington Accord.

The Chairperson of the FQAC is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for three years. The Chairperson works on a part-time basis and reports to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Director of the Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA), University of Ruhuna. The Chairperson is a member of the Senate Standing Committee of Quality Assurance which meets every second working Tuesday of a month, where the Chairperson reports faculty level QA activities to the SSQA which in turn reports to the Senate.

The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell is chaired by the Chairperson and consists of thirteen Quality Assurance Coordinators representing all the departments, Coordinator, Engineering Education Centre; Deputy Senior Student Counselor; Member, By-Law and Curriculum Revision Committee; and Senior Assistant Librarian. The Assistant Registrar of the Faculty serves as the secretary to the cell. The QA Committee meeting is scheduled to take place on the second week Tuesday of every month and is a regular meeting in the Faculty calendar. The agenda for the meeting covers the full spectrum of quality assurance activities of the Faculty. The QA Committee serves as a medium to share best practices in the different departments and provides a critical review of the effectiveness of existing QA procedures and makes necessary improvements.

Vision of the CQA

To assure the highest quality in all study programmes of the University that is respected worldwide.

Mission of the CQA

To ensure continuous quality improvements and achieve standards of academic excellence through quality assurance mechanisms. CQA, in collaboration with Faculty Quality Assurance Cells established at faculties, library and other entities of the University is committed to achieving following goals;

• Ensuring the expansion of the access to education meets the needs of the country and aligns with national educational policy frameworks.
• Ensuring continuous improvement in quality of education, research and service experience of students.
• Ensuring justice, transparency and equity in QA functions and processes.
• Contributing towards Good Governance.
• Inculcating the culture of quality enhancement among students and all categories of staff.

Member of the FQAC - Faculty of Engineering

Dr. C.K.W. Seneviratne


Dr. Chandana Perera

Member, By-Law and Curriculum Revision Committee

Head-Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

PhD (Ehime)
MSc (Pavia)
BSc Eng (Hons) (Peradeniya)
Tel: +94-(0)77 794 4794

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Mr. Samansiri De Silva

Coordinator / Engineering Education Centre

Dr. B.M.L.A. Basnayake

Representative / Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. L.K.T. Srimal

Representative / Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. R. P. S. Chandrasena

Representative / Department of Electrical and Information Engineering

Dr. W. T. G. Samantha

Representative / Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Ms. H.D. Dissanayaka

Secretary / Assistant Registrar

Mr. J. J. G. Arachchige

Senior Assistant Librarian

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