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Explore Alumni Activities at Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Alumni Association of Ruhuna Electrical and Information Engineering (AAREIE) is the organization that nurtures lifelong relationships among the graduates, former and current academics of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (DEIE) of University of Ruhuna (UoR).

As a committed partner of DEIE, the association supports undergraduates and the academic staff in producing the best engineering professionals to the society. AAREIE connects remarkable people and ideas, creating opportunities to positively impact DEIE and work diligently to keep alumni connected to one another, foster their success and stay engaged with the department. AAREIE activities in brief;

  • Workshop series for undergraduatesto develop their professional & interpersonal skills.
  • Go hand in hand with Electrical & Information Engineering Society of the department in special events planned by undergraduates.
  • Support the department to fulfill its obligations towards achieving accreditations.
  • Representation of alumni of DEIE, UOR at various forums arranged by the industry and professional institutions.
  • Maintain undisruptive communication and social media channels to keep the members updated.
  • Support newly pass out graduates to embark the journey of professional engineering.
  • Organize Annual General Meeting and get-together for the alumni to meet each other and to update their relationship.

The programs are organized for continous professional developments of the graduates and to expose undergraduates for professional conduct.

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