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Bachelor of the science of Engineering

The programme of study leading to the B.Sc. Eng. degree consists of

Development Programme Common core course extending over the first two semesters. Specialisation course of three academic years' duration extending over the next six semesters.

A Developmental Programme of 8-10 weeks consisting of courses in Computer Applications, English, and Social Awareness is provided as a preparation for the degree programme and all students should follow it. Two repeat attempts along with supplementary sessions to improve the grade shall be offered within the subsequent academic year. Registration for the specialisation courses shall be withheld unless all courses offered in the Developmental Programme are successfully completed by a student.

In the Common Core Course a student shall take 36 (thirty six) credits prescribed by the Faculty Board. In the specialisation course a student, in addition to Core modules prescribed for the major field of specialisation, shall choose Technical electives and General Elective modules as recommended by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty board. The syllabus for each course module, mode of evaluation, examination criteria shall be prescribed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board.

News & Events

All of the past News & Events


ARS - 2020

The ARS 2020 is the 7th Annual Research Symposium of Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna which will bring together the key researchers, academics and practitioners from industry spread all over the country.

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IESL Techno - 2018

Techno exhibition 2018 organized by IESL was held on 12th, 13th and 14th October 2018 at the BIMCH. This is the largest engineering exhibition organized annually which features wide range of engineering and technology products and services in

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Master Program 2019/2020

Applications are now called for the 4th intake of Post- Graduate Program (M.Eng / PG. Dip) conducted by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Ruhuna.

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Xbotix 2019

Xbotix 2019 is the annual Robotics Competition for the 6th consecutive year that organized by Electrical and Information Engineering Society (EIES) in collaboration with Mechanical and Manufacturing Student Society (MMESS),

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All of the past Achievement

IET Young Women Engineer (YWE) 2019

Two candidates from University of Ruhuna have made to the final 5 of IET Young Women Engineer (YWE) 2019 which is a remarkable achievement. On behalf of IET On Campus Ruhuna, we would like to express our warm wishes to both the great engineers. e Winner of IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2019

Faculty Stall at Techno 2017 Won an Award

The Techno 2017 annual engineering exhibition organized by the IESL was held during October 13th, 14th and 15th 2017. Selected final year projects from Department of Civil and Environment Engineering, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering and Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering was showcased during the exhibition representing the faculty of engineering university of Ruhuna. The faculty won the silver award for the best display with university projects.

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