Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


Material and Manufacturing Engineering division is one of the key divisions of the department, which further falls into two subdivisions as Material Science, and Manufacturing Engineering. The division is coordinated by a dedicated energetic academic staff and laboratories are well equipped with high tech workshop machineries including Lathe, Milling, Welding, Shaping, CNC, and also Metal Furnaces, High End Metallurgical Microscopes for metal microscopic measurements. Hence the department is well reputed with Arc, Gas, Tig, Mig/Mag welding, Radial drilling, Grinding, Plasma cutting, Shearing, Bending, and Wire EDM operations.

In the undergraduate curriculum, all laboratory classes related to Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Technology, are conducted in the three laboratories of Workshop I Workshop II and Automobile laboratory and Materials and CAD laboratory. These laboratories substantially facilitate for research works, particularly, undergraduate and post graduate project works, such as designing, machining, fabricating, building and prototyping, etc not only in Mechanical & Manufacturing stream, but also in other two fields of specializations. The division is served by one senior lecturer, two lecturers and one workshop engineer who have gained postgraduate qualifications from United Kingdom, Japan and Sri Lanka.

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