Automobile, Marine Engineering & Engineering Design


The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is at the forefront to offer one of the highly demanded specialized areas, Automobile and Marine Engineering since the beginning of academic in 1999. Students are exposed to the basic level of knowledge during their second year of study and further theoretical, practical skills are enhanced with the introduction of two advanced modules; Advanced Automobile Engineering and Advanced Marine Engineering during the final year of study. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Ruhuna is the sole department which offers Marine Engineering as a part of B.Sc Engineering degree curriculum among other Mechanical Engineering degree programs in the country. Students are exposed to special training programs, industrial field visits and it is compulsory for students to complete laboratory classes in the Engineering Workshop II and Automobile Engineering Laboratory. Further Automobile and Marine Engineering knowledge is enhanced by the two modules, Design of Machine Elements and Mechanical Engineering Design, which are offered during the third and final years of study. The division is coordinated by two senior lecturers, three visiting lecturers who hold the post graduate qualifications from Russian, United Kingdom, Japanese and Sri Lankan universities.

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