Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Students’ Society (MMESS)

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Students’ Society(MMESS) is the main society within the department that consists of academic staff and students. The academic staff of the department facilitates to MMESS as an advisory board and the students lead each and every national and international activities organized by the society. The goal of the MMESS is to upgrade student’s life in the department giving them opportunities to improve not only academic and technical skills but also their leadership, interpersonal, management and professional qualities.Some of the specific activities which are carried out each year by the MMESS include:

  • Holding Annual General Meeting to elect office bearers for tenure of 12 months.

  • Organizing workshops to junior students who have entered to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering stream as their field of specialization.

  • Organizing guest lecturers by inviting key personnel from the industry and research organizations.

  • Organizing charity work to promote and encourage students of serving underprivileged sectors of the society.

  • Hosting some other cultural events.

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