Activating the Leadership Potential of Young People (AIESEC) Ruhuna Chapter

AIESEC is a global, independent, non-political, non-profit, youth-run organization. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, creed, national ethnic group or social region. AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories, 70,000 active members worldwide and 2,400 university representations.

The vision of AIESEC is to develop responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders who can meet the modern day challengers in the world by providing practical leadership experiences through volunteer experience and professional internships.

As an educational institution in Sri Lanka, University of Ruhuna has already launched its AIESEC chapter - AIESEC in University of Ruhuna with groundwork commenced by Faculty of Engineering. Now, it has been expanded among whole the university community. AIESEC is one of the societies in which students and academic staff from all the departments of Faculty of Engineering works on a common platform.

Typical annual activities of AIESEC in University of Ruhuna include;

  • Annual General Meeting to elect office bearers for a tenure of 12 months

  • Participation for national conferences organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka Chapter; National Leadership Development Summit (NLDS), Expansion Conference (ExCon)

  • Organizing charity activities with the collaboration of foreign students to serve underprivileged sectors in Sothern Province

  • Providing opportunities for the students in University of Ruhuna to have international volunteer experience in abroad through Global Volunteer Program

  • Providing opportunities to participate for internship programs in others countries through Global Internship Program

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