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Participation of the Faculty of Engineering in the Inter-Faculty Dancing and Literature Competition (IFDLC) of University of Ruhuna - 2017

The Inter-Faculty Dancing and Literature Competition (IFDLC) of University of Ruhuna was successfully held on 20thSeptember, 2017 at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Mapalana. Senior Professor Gamini Senanayake, the Vice Chancellor of University of Ruhuna was the Chief Guest and Mr. Raj Kumar, Hon. Consul General, Indian High Commission, Hambantota, was the Guest of Honour. Dr.Nayana Alagiyawanna, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, all the Deans, many academic staff members and students of the University participated for the event

Two dancing groups from the Faculty of Engineering participated for the ''Traditional Sri Lankan Dancing'' and the ''Free Style Dancing'' competition items and both groups were able to secure 3rd places in respective events, bringing credit to the Faculty of Engineering, which is being the only faculty who got places in both the dancing competition items. Below are the students participated for the dancing items.

Traditional Sri Lankan Dancing item:
Weerasinghe L.M., Prabodha J.P.T.H., Diwakara M.C., Kudahetti R.M., Dilshani K.L.I., Rajamanthree U.R.T.Y., Dharmasena M.K.R.B., Gunarathana W.R.N., Amunugama C.S.B.M.R.N.L.K., Pilapitiya P.H.M.S.K., Jayamanna J.M.I.N., Dissanayaka Y.D.A.U.

Free Style Dancing item:
Preshani L.B.S.D., Mendis B.P.M., Jayawardhane M.A.K.D., Helapita L., Kumari K.M.M.G.Y.P., Pramodi J.P.M., Chinthaka P.K.D., Wijethunga K.M.A.G.N.D.B., Liyanage W.P.C.R., Nandasena K.K.P., Weeraarachchi W.A.P.M., Dissanayaka Y.D.A.U.

Additionally, in the literature competitions, Perera M. A. G. P. won the 2ndplace for poems (Sinhala medium)and Jayawardhane M. A. K. D. secured the 3rd place for the free verse (Sinhala medium).