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Faculty dominated at Techno Sri Lanka Awards - 2016

TECHNO Engineering exhibition, organized by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) gathers a variety of engineering and technology products and services under one roof every year. The exhibition provides a platform for the innovative ideas and conception of innovations for industrialists, entrepreneurs, engineering designers, planners and intellectuals over the entire country.
The faculty won many awards at TECHNO AWARDS - 2016 held at Galadari hotel, Colombo on 28th October 2016.

The Silver Award for the Best Display of University Projects was awarded to our faculty's stall for the innovative exhibits prepared by the undergraduates. All the state Engineering Faculties and the Higher Education Institutes competed for the award in this category.

Apart from the awards, competitions were conducted for the undergraduates. There were two competitions and our students won the following awards during the competitions.

1. Spaghetti Bridge Competition (For Civil Engineering students) - 1st and 2nd Places
2. CAD Eager Competition (For Mechanical Engineering students) - 1st and 2nd Places

This year too, Faculty won the highest number of awards during this award ceremony
Summary of the awards and places achieved in TECHNO 2016 is listed below.

* Inter - University Spaghetti Bridge Competition

National Spaghetti Bridge competition 2016, organized by IESL Young Members Society (YMS) and Civil Engineering Society (CES) of University of Peradeniya, took place on the second day of TECHNO 2016, held at BMICH premises. University level winners from Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Ruhuna, South Eastern University and University of Jaffna engineering faculties went head to head for the glory of being the national champions of the competition. The competition became intense when loading of prepared bridges started. At the end, group “Mighty Ruhuna” from University of Ruhuna became the Winners (Load/Weight = 102.4) while the second place was also secured by University of Ruhuna (Load/Weight = 102.2).
The students of the group who won the first place are,

  • NAMASINGHE S.K. - EG/2013/2271
  • PRASHAN J.P.C. - EG/2013/2284
  • WITHANAWASAM L.R. - EG/2013/2330
  • DE SILVA D.D.S. - EG/2013/2162
  • LIYANAGE B.L.V.U. - EE/2013/2250
  • LIYANAARACHCHI L.A.A.T. - EG/2013/2252


The students of the group who won the Second place are,

  • AHAMED M.I.S. - EG/2013/2129
  • AMZAR M.H.M. - EG/2013/2136
  • BRANAWAN A. - EG/2013/2152
  • ILHAM R.M. - EG/2013/2208
  • KIRITHARAN M. - EG/2013/2232
  • VINOJLCANTH V. - EG/2013/2329

CAD Eager Competition
CAD Eager competition, which was opened for the engineering undergraduates studying in the field of Mechanical Engineering, was held on the first day of the exhibition. The students of the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering won the first and second places of the competition this year.
The details of the winners are,

  • First place
    • R.P.G.R.S Alupotha
    • P.M De Silva
  • Second place
    • S.Thajivan

This year too, Faculty won the highest number of awards during this award ceremony