General Structure of the B.Sc.Eng Degree Programme

The programme of study leading to the B.Sc. Eng. degree consists of

  • Development programme.
  • Common core course extending over the first two semesters.
  • Specialisation course of three academic years' duration extending over the next six semesters.

A Developmental Programme of 8-10 weeks consisting of courses in Computer Applications, English, and Social Awareness is provided as a preparation for the degree programme and all students should follow it. Two repeat attempts along with supplementary sessions to improve the grade shall be offered within the subsequent academic year. Registration for the specialisation courses shall be withheld unless all courses offered in the Developmental Programme are successfully completed by a student.

In the Common Core Course a student shall take 36 (thirty six) credits prescribed by the Faculty Board. In the specialisation course a student, in addition to Core modules prescribed for the major field of specialisation, shall choose Technical electives and General Elective modules as recommended by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty board. The syllabus for each course module, mode of evaluation, examination criteria shall be prescribed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board.