About the Faculty

Aims of the Faculty

The primary aim of the Faculty is producing engineers of the highest quality who, with experience, should be able to hold responsible positions at the highest levels of the profession, possessing the wisdom to recognise their own limitations in the face of new developments and the necessary skills to benefit from continuing professional development.The programme of study offered by the Faculty is dedicated to develop in each student:

  • The technical and scientific skills and the creativity required to solve all aspects of engineering problems.
  • An understanding of the human interaction with the environment so that the impact of engineering activity can be assessed.
  • The ability to direct and manage engineering activities.
  • The ability to communicate with members of other professions, administrators, workers and members of the public.
  • The desire and ability for continuing self-education and reappraisal of current practice, including the ability to innovate.
  • The ability to evaluate and criticise constructively one's own work and the work of other engineers.

In order to fulfill these aims, the students are offered well designed modules that provide:

  • A sound knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering science with an appreciation of their application to contemporary problems .
  • An understanding of the principles of the scientific method and practice in their application.
  • An understanding of the principles of design and practice with an appreciation of the industrial environment and the socioeconomic conditions under which the industry operates.
  • Training and practice in many forms of communication.
  • Training in the techniques of acquiring information by personal study, experimentation and discussion.
  • An opportunity to develop creativity.

While the fundamentals of engineering remain largely unchanged, our modules also reflect the rapid changes in modern engineering advancements. As the technical content of the courses in itself is not sufficient to tackle engineering problems, an opportunity is provided throughout the courses to develop the intellectual and communicative abilities among the students.