Academic Education | 3 Columns


Students admitted to the Faculty shall register as full-time students. Registration on part time basis requires the approval of the Faculty Board. A student should pay any fees prescribed by the University and maintain registration during the period of study. A student shall register for the course modules during the first week of every semester as prescribed by the Faculty Board. The student is duly informed regarding the registration procedure prior to the commencement of every semester by the administration of the Faculty of Engineering. A student is required to consult with the designated Academic Adviser (section 3.7) before registration in every semester regarding the academic load (section 3.8) and the options available. With relevant permissions, a student is allowed to add or drop modules after the registration only within the period prescribed by the Faculty Board, and the registration form should be amended accordingly. A student may withdraw from the programme due to a valid reason for a period with the approval of the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board.