Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The Department offers the Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering specializing in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. It is a four-year full-time degree course, where the first year is common for all the undergraduates and the other three years is the specialization period at the Department. The vision of the Department is to be an innovative leader in undergraduate and graduate education, high quality research, and expert technical services; essential for sustainable social, economic, and technological development of the society. It is the mission of the Department, to provide an academic environment that delivers: a sound understanding of the fundamental theory, an excellent grounding in practical skills, the opportunity to develop the ability of creative design, an exposure to modern technology, an awareness of environmental and social constraints, basic skills in management and entrepreneurship, and an encouragement for high quality research. Previously, the Department produced around 50 graduates annually and it was increased to 75 from this year